B-monster Fitness Studio, Shanghai

Designed by: CROX
For client: B-Monster fitness Studio Floor area: 720.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度健身俱乐部

About the Project

B-monster, a boxing fitness studio from the forefront of New York's trendy, arrived at Poly Time in Shanghai while leading a hot topic of "Dark Boxing". Undoubtedly, B-monster is the leader in the global fitness industry and "never compromise" and "fire burning" are its pronouns. CROX has created a brand-new brand image for the first fitness studio in China with the creative concept of B-monster, and also created a very dramatic sports space for boxing enthusiasts.
CROX's design is to cut through the thick walls of the urban concrete jungle so that the body and mind can be released in the darkness, and to shape boxing movement into a space sequence full of ceremonial feelings - exotic cave, red dressing room, inception gymnasium. The three spaces are linked into a complete immersive experience.
Shanghai needs to create a stress-relief arena for expressing emotions, putting aside ideas and solving problems, and to encourage the courage of city dwellers to confront reality. Go through the caves in B-monster, let us fly gravity-free in the vast black sky, and finally in the field full of music, like Muhammad Ali - Move like butterfly and Punch like bee.

What’s unique about it

B-monster Shanghai looks like a huge cement block. It cuts cracks of different sizes on the cement block, which not only enriches the shape, but more importantly, it can break the isolation and cleverly close the distance between person and wall. The opening of the cracks can provide functions such as rest, experience, and display.
The biggest crack is the gate, symbolizing the entrance to exploration. Once entering, visitors feel like stepping into LASCAUX CAVE existed thousands of years ago. By collecting the works of graffiti artist Alexander Kaletski, it echoes the earliest place recording the origin of painting civilization and forms a new FREESTYLE from ancient to modern times. Straight to the corner of the cave, a sunny atrium leap to the eyes and brings a different experience.
With expectations in mind, visitors walk into the red dressing room with sparks of fire, and the rising excitement spreads. The air is full of restless mystery.
CROX has built the inception gymnasium into a stage for everyone: The sky above the large practice court is a dynamic flash of light, extraordinary feelings focus here, with the live DJ playing and dazzling lights, people here for sports are crazy, unconsciously waving their bodies, following the coach to move around and hit, to completely release the in-depth emotions of the city.

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