Space & Time, Melbourne

Designed by: Russell & George
For client: Russell & George Floor area: 390.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度共享办公空间

Public Score
2.88 Function
2.95 Innovation
2.98 Creativity

About the Project

The experience of space isn't static yet our interiors generally have static function. What if a space could have a mood and change itself based on what it felt like at the time. Like humans this could mean dinner, breakfast, lunch, exercise, work, party, special event, art, experience, workshop, making, creating, going to the movies, gardening & socialising but all within a framework of recycling, reuse, adaptability, nurturing, excitement & transformation.

This is Space & Time. One space, multiple functions, multiple business, multiple human experiences governed by only one factor, a particular time of day. Desired time of day uses drive the reconfiguration and adaption of the interior making a purposeful fit, out of dynamic & reusable elements rather than a fit for purpose that causes spaces to remain idle when unused.

The space is made up from elements that create the human experience of time. A dark space, a light space representing day & night, a naturally & artificially backlit illuminated ceiling, representing the sky, a garden wall which organically divides the space and reveals the seasons, and a series of monoliths, both solid & sculptural, clean & rough, representing human existence, endeavour, education, artistry, and ingenuity.

All elements are custom designed and products in their own right. It has fundamentally been designed to change the way we think about space.

What’s unique about it

This project can be a workplace, a workshop, a commercial kitchen & catering company, a boardroom, an events space, a cafe, a gallery, a showroom, a restaurant, a private dining venue, an exercise space to name a few but above all else it is a meeting place.

Sometimes, these functions happen simultaneously, sometimes not and sometimes only occasionally but all use a series of customised & designed elements that transform via their interactions throughout the course of a day to create the desired spaces. Extending the life of an interior & a building, making it work hard, creating a dynamic collaborative structure that still has a financial incentive but also a social imperative.

The project crosses disciplines of architecture, interiors, product design, industrial design, hospitality. It is a futurist project attempting to offer an alternative solution to how idle spaces in our cities are used or re-used and how new businesses are created and housed. In this instance an inner city mechanics space has been converted. It is an attempt to see what work & life might look like as automation creates more free time, and the role of a job becomes more fluid and the definition of a job becomes much looser where normally outside private endeavours of an individual are now housed and fostered within an organisation.

As the space is leased, 95% of the interior is sustainably designed to be removed and reconfigured in another location should the time arise.

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