Apartment Complex, Saint-Denis

Designed by: ChartierDalix
For client: Emerige Residential Floor area: 4080.00 M² Year of completion: 2018
Submitted for: 年度住宅区

Public Score
6.62 Function
6.23 Innovation
6.26 Creativity

About the Project

The plot is located in a very central neighbourhood of Saint-Denis where extremes of historic buildings of great heritage and the down-and-out are juxtaposed. Opposite the former Carmelite monastery, the building avoids confrontation with this ancient building, using a play of successive retreats in the façade. Consequently, the majority of apartments enjoy an outside space and are disposed with double orientations. Brick clads three of the façades, for an elegant impression enhanced by the large-scale glazing. The dividing line of Rue des Carmélites creates a line of sight into the heart of the block, establishing a visual relationship with the Carmel gardens, giving a real sense of continuity in the landscape.

What’s unique about it

A site located within the historic centre of Saint-Denis, the challenges of both density and architectural integration were to be addressed by the project. Successive setbacks punctuate the volume creating relationships to the surrounding urban fabric, while brick was chosen for the façade bringing a timeless nature to this new construction. These setbacks also create large terraces offering a true outdoor extension for the apartments. Special care was given to collective spaces: using natural materials and large mirrors, a bright, elegant and understated ambiance is found, with a particular attention placed on its details.

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