Michael Kors x La Rinascente, Milan

设计: Studio XAG
业主: Michael Kors 面积: 52.00 M² 完工年份: 2018
参赛类别: 年度橱窗展示


New York City has landed in Milan! Overnight, 15 XAG crew (each averaging 18km on their iPhone step counts!) transported Upper Manhattan into a series of 8 enormous 5m tall windows at Milan’s iconic La Rinascente for Michael Kors.
The gigantic scale of the windows gave us the opportunity to create luxury New York City sets at 1:1 scale in our workshop. Seeking inspiration from sight lines and strong perspectives, we created lifelike uptown architecture incorporating the FW18 campaign seamlessly to hero the new season’s collection.
Campaign colours of marigold, teal and deep oxblood pop against the cool and contemporary white monochrome brick facades. Playful twists of coloured neon highlight recognisable NYC urban icons such as a luxurious uptown hotel canopy complete with its own red carpet. Mannequins stand at a pedestrian crossing and perch on a Central Park bench to show off the feminine, free-spirited offering of ruffled skirts and flirty dresses


Filling the sheer scale of La Rinescente’s 5m tall windows was an exciting creative opportunity for StudioXAG; utilising the skilled craftmanship of our in-house carpenters and taking advantage of our double-height ceiling, we were able to construct 1:1 scale New York City sets in our workshop. Referencing the iconic uptown architecture complete with decorative cornice details, our dream team of talented designers and makers crafted realistic brick facades and street furniture from scratch, elevating the familiar and classic with a fresh white monochrome wash and playful colour pops. Faux neon is seamlessly and expertly fitted around window frames to highlight the seasonal product and reinforce the fall / winter brand colours.