R Fitness, Shanghai

设计: XU Studio
业主: R Fitness 面积: 300.00 M² 完工年份: 2017
参赛类别: 年度健身俱乐部


In this 300-square meter private gym, light becomes a key thread throughout its spatial narrative. Depicting space with light, the design allows the interior to segment conveniently into different functional modules that bring a visually dynamic and intensive ambiance to the body builder.


The way light and space interact, sometimes light sculpts space; other times space shapes light. At the core of the space is a red-tinted transparent glass box with array lights and mirrors. The mirrors project indefinitely the compounded reflection of the red box outlined in white light. Meanwhile, the highly reflective epoxy resin flooring also mirrors the red box vertically, along with the glowing objects around it, filling the space with drama. In the reception area, the light sculpture freely formed by the crisscrossing of horizontal and vertical white fluorescent tubes illuminates the stainless steel wall, where light and shadow are interwoven. White linear lighting delineating the space between columns is extended in the mirror at each end of the room. Illuminated signage, abstracting the letters “M” and “W”, leads to lockers, while the numbers on the red lockers graphically speak to the culture of sports.