Siam Discovery, Bangkok

设计: Nendo + Onndo / Taisuke Sumihiro and Shohei Suzuki
业主: Siam Piwat Co.,Ltd. 面积: 46378.00 M² 完工年份: 2016
提名类别: 年度多品牌店


A full-renewal plan for "Siam Discovery”, a large-scale commercial complex in Bangkok, Thailand.
Owing to the long and narrow foreground, the main problem of this building was how to overcome the crowd stagnation near the entrance.


By extending and connecting a number of existing circular colonnades scattered over the space, it has become a 58 metre-long ‘canyon’, guiding the people all the way to the central area.Furthermore, a wall consists of 202 frames-like boxes on a side of the colonnades with video monitors, signage, and displays, serving as the index of the building. This wall penetrates from the ground to the top, guiding the visitors to the upper floors. With the escalators rearrangement, it smooth the flow of people through the colonnades and the cyber wall.
Removing the external walls to the limit is aimed to eliminate its cooped-up feeling. Having said that, nothing is more important than relieving Bangkok’s intense sunlight, so the facade in a pattern of "stacked boxes" seen in the colonnades as its double skin is necessary.
As a business complex, independent stores, expect some tenants, participated not only the design for the common space, but also engaged in designing the entire facility. Instead of categorisation by brands, visitors are encouraged to actively engage in various preferences and lifestyles under the theme of "Lifestyle Laboratory". Therefore, 13 shops with a design of different scientific experimental equipment is applied. In addition, by incorporating the gradation on the floor and the ceilings, it expresses a situation when various substances are mixed during an experiment, and thus creates an easy-going atmosphere.