The Arrivals Concept Series: New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco

Designed by: Bower Studios and Lotte van Velzen
For client: THE ARRIVALS Floor area: 275.00 M² Year of completion: 2017
Nominated for: 年度快闪店

About the Project

NYC-based outerwear brand The Arrivals opens a series of pop-up stores in fall 2017 designed by Bower Studios & interior designer Lotte van Velzen. The spaces, including a 278-sq-metre location in their native city and satellites in Los Angeles & San Francisco, represent a futuristic collision of contrasts where mountain meets street with hints of space odyssey. Each space is one-of-a-kind, yet connected as a series. Custom arched floor mirrors sit alongside mirrored acrylic display boxes. Cylinder seating is fashioned in the same material and area carpets warm up the concrete floors. Brushed stainless steel, formed aluminum panels, and shades of grey serve as a sleek contrast to the volcanic Arizona lava nuggets and rock boulders sprinkled throughout the space. Bower and van Velzen chose three trademark colours from the brand’s AW17 collection to accent each location. The NYC space features Mars: a blush, dusty-nude hue inspired by the mineral tones of the planet. For LA Crimson is used: a deep rust tone like the shade of red of the moon during a total lunar eclipse. For San Francisco Petrol is chosen: an oil-slick, deep, neutral green. ‘When designing the concept, we wanted to create a minimal, somewhat alien environment in which the materials, finishes and colour palette created a sharp contrast within the space, while remaining cohesive. The volcanic lava rocks, seemingly from another planet, mixed with the slick reflective surfaces of the mirrors and display pieces that resemble a liquid form, are a good example of this.’

What’s unique about it

The product is inspired by architecture and the architecture by the product.

Rooted in architecture, The Arrivals incorporates elements of material performance, modularity and versatility within their product design approach. For this spatial experiment The Arrivals tasked Bower studios and Lotte van Velzen with extracting their concepts from the product, and derive inspiration from the environment for which the apparel is built. The result is a space with aspects that reflect elemental, natural and urban qualities; large circular rugs create niches of colour and warmth. Gravel beds filled with red lava nuggets and large feather rocks create moments of tactility. Corrugated aluminum reflects building materials and city textures.

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