EBK Vocational College, Cologne

设计: Keggenhoff I Partner
业主: Erzbistum Köln 面积: 7000.00 M² 完工年份: 2016
提名类别: 年度学习空间


The interior of the building, designed by 3pass architects, contrasts flowing organic movements with contextual incisive areas. These areas – including the library, open study spaces and cafeteria - by Keggenhoff | Partner differ in their formal language and materiality. This language is based on the outer cubic framework of the building whose obvious shape reflects the straightforwardness of the urban situation, but upon entering reveals a dynamic and organic interior. These pre-existent architectural outlines are applied to the interior as a conceptual reference to the synthesis and interconnectedness of disciplines.

Walnut is applied to all special areas and therefore maps their connection and commonality, defining space and providing orientation for teachers, students and visitors. The material seamlessly runs over the floor, wall and ceiling, fusing all elements into one compact piece of oversized furniture. It frames its designated purpose and location consistently and intuitively. The ceiling surfaces fan out and expand beyond their limits to represent openness and vastness - in line with the striking architectural feature where the buildings’s ceiling appears to be opening towards the sky.


To a certain extent, the special areas function as ‘islands’ within the overall vastness of the building, which sacrifices a centre in encouraging its users to ‘move’ - physically and mentally. Those ‘islands’ are clearly defined by their purpose, visibly contrasting the existing structure and materials, but are most of all created to be appropriated and provide a spatial ‘happening’. Regularly, daily, once – they can be used according to needs of students and staff. The conceptual approach to the interior emphasizes interconnections of all kinds - architecture and interior fittings, learning and teaching, giving space, taking space, etc. – provide a source of learning about spatial gestures, potentials and metaphors and thus supporting the self-motivating didactic approach of educational concepts at EBK.